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Dance Company
Cie. Of(f) Verticality

An international ensemble of professional dancers initiatesinnovative projects outside of conventional production practices. It uses analogue and digital strategies in sustainable and non-hierarchical rehearsal and creation processes.

The project Choreographia[Inter]Austriaca was founded 2019 by the Dance Cie. Of(f) Verticality.
The ensemble includes orphaned dance archive and notation material as well as extra-choreographic movement repertoires and works with inter-Austrian cultural heritage.

In choreographic processes and creations of movement the dancers use their (different) biographically shaped movement repertoires again and again.

The ensemble is made up of different nations and generations. It brings their fascinating expressive range to the stage and expands narratives of the dancing body.


  • dancers are choreographers, researchers, experimatators

  • renew ways of working in dance​

  • heterochronic – we live in many times​

  • features silenced, orphaned gestural cultures​

  • transnational, migratory Repertoires​

  • experimental, performative formats in performances and lecture-performances, installations

  • ​interdisciplinary, interactive cooperations 

  • produces dance knowledge​

  • cooperates with various institutions: theatres, festivals, universities, research institutions, foundations, cultural institutions

  • cherishes movement cultures of different epochs and ages


With support from 

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