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Reigen, ein überaus schönes Lied vom Tod

Inviting, brash, grinning, making music, and dancing grotesquely, this is how death is portrayed as a bone man in the medieval Danse Macabre. Opposite him: the human being. Questioning, hesitating, persisting in a gesture. Since then, numerous variations of the dance of death have shaped man's artistic confrontation with death, but all designs ultimately reflect the incomprehensibility of this moment: one's own encounter with death. In this piece, artists from different genres, cultures, and generations share with us their ideas, fears, and strategies for living with the certainty of the coming death. 

Choreography and Dance: Rose Breuss,  Kai Chun Chuang, Damián Cortés Alberti, Marcela Lopez Morales 

Spiel/Ausstattung: Christoph Bochdansky, Michael Vogel 

Live-Musik: Protect Laika (Stefan Wenzel, Charlotte Wilde)

photo credits:  D. Ersing, J. Kressin


Fizz Stuttgart 

Bühne im Hof

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