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Calling the Spirit - Skrjabin Mysterium

The mystery as an idea occupied a central position in Alexander Scriabin's (1872-1915) work and permeated his entire artistic output. The mystery was not to be "theatre", it was to become reality, a real experience, a moment of the act of creation, consisting of the synthesis of three arts: Poetry, music, and sculpture (as mime and dance). Therefore, the boundaries between performers and audience fall, all are "initiated", and all become participants in a great invocation.

This invocation happens with all the senses. The ritual arises at the moment. Where is the I? Where do we find the higher level of consciousness? The sensuality of music is physical. It is movement, touch, and a physical aspect of the experience. We adopt postures, develop gestures, expand space, and stretch time. Being together is in the foreground.

(Excerpt from the program booklet of Imago Dei)


Premiere at  Imago Dei Krems 2022, commissioned by Festival-Intendant Nadja Kayali

Copyright Imago Dei

Dance und Choreographie:

Rose Breuss
Kai Chun Chuang
Damian Córtes Alberti
Marcela López Morales
Maria Shurkhal

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