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Lost in translation

Communication is a tricky business. What someone says is not necessarily what gets through. Especially if words are being translated into a different language. Meaning can go missing in the process. It can get “lost in translation”. With music by Elisabeth Naske, a string quartet and four dancers show just how diverse, multi-faceted and hilarious communication can be.

Anne Harvey- Violine 

Joanna Lewis- Violine 

Simon Schellnegger- Viola 

Elisabeth Naske- Violoncello 

Damián Cortes Alberti - Dance 

Kai Chun Chuang - Dance 

Marcela López Morales - Dance 

Maria Shurkhal - Dance 

Elisabeth Naske - Music 

Rose Breuss - Choreography 

Hanna Naske - Stage Design 

premiere date: 21.04.2022 at Muth Vienna 

funding partners: Off Verticality Dance Company, Land Oberösterreich, Stadt Linz

photo credits: Constantin Georgescu

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